Fly Fishing By Foot Or By Boat: Which Is Right For You?

Fly fishing offers thrills, challenges, beautiful scenery, and an exciting chance to connect with the great outdoors. But as you plan a trip with a guided fly fishing tour, you may be asked to choose between fishing from a drift boat or wading on foot. Which choice is best for your expedition? Before deciding, consider the following differences between wading and drifting to learn what's right for you.

Personal Preference

These two forms of transportation each provide a unique fly fishing experience. When wading, you are part of the classical fly fishing tradition. This more active method sees anglers traveling up and down a river, picking their spots precisely, and moving to find the perfect cast. Wading brings you into closer contact with the river, the fish, and the ecosystem all around you. 

Drift fishing, meanwhile, requires just as much skill but is overall a more relaxed way to fly fish. Instead of you fighting your way upriver or slipping on rocks, the boat glides smoothly wherever you need to go. This leaves more time for recreation like lunch or a cold beer, and you'll also be able to stay closer to your guide and any companions.

Party Size

Traveling by boat with a guide typically only leaves room for one or two extra anglers. If you are making the trip solo or with a small party, a boat may be the most comfortable way to cover ground on a river. Larger parties, however, such as a business vacation or bachelor party, will find that wading is much less cramped for all involved. Speak to your guide about how many people a drift boat can comfortably seat.

River Access

The major advantage of drift fishing is the sheer amount of river you can travel in a single day. When hours count and big fish could be hiding anywhere, being able to cast in deeper waters and move on quickly presents a significant advantage. On the other hand, wading allows anglers to cast in much shallower waters and fish a single area more thoroughly. Seasoned anglers can debate the merits of both styles all day.

Of course, the primary value of a fly fishing guide lies in experience. Your guide should know every stretch of the river on your trip and will likely be able to recommend wading or drifting based on your individual needs. Contact your local guide service today to ask questions, make plans, and guarantee that your next trip is the most productive, relaxing, and enjoyable getaway possible.

For more information on guided fly fishing, contact a professional near you.

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