Staying In A Hotel With Children

Staying in a hotel can be fun and luxurious. When you have kids, however, it also brings about some challenges. Having everyone in a confined space can be tough, and having the kids missing home can also be difficult. Here are some tips that should help make your hotel stay — with children — a better experience.

1. Look over the room as soon as you arrive.

If you inform the hotel before you arrive that you will be traveling with kids, they will typically take safety precautions such as covering the outlets, removing anything with sharp edges, and pushing the television back so kids can't knock it over. But it's still a good idea to enter the room first, before your kids come in, and make sure it's properly child-proofed. This way, when your toddler makes a beeline across the room to hide behind the recliner, you know they are not going to find an uncovered socket back there and shock themselves.

2. Put items in drawers.

Some travelers like to keep their things in suitcases so they don't have to pack and unpack again, but when you're traveling with kids, it is often better to unload your things into the dresser drawers in the hotel room. This way, you can stash the suitcases in the closet and not have to access them again until you leave. This will leave you more floor space for the kids to play.

3. Spend more time outside the room.

In order to keep the kids from feeling too cooped-up, spend more time outside the room in the other areas of the hotel. If there's a pool area that is safe for kids, spend a few hours swimming there. If there's a playground on the property or even down the street, that's another good place to hang out. You can even spend a half hour or so watching television in the lobby if you need a change of scenery.

4. Stick with a routine.

Your kids may feel a little out of sorts because they're in an unfamiliar place, and sticking with a routine can help them feel more "normal". While you're staying in the hotel, eat dinner at the same time each night. Go to bed at the same time each night, and designate the same times as playtime. A schedule will also help you keep your head on straight.

With the tips above, your hotel stay with kids will be more relaxing, and probably even enjoyable.

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