The Dos And Don'ts Of Going On An Airboat Ride

Airboat rides provide you with a sense of adventure and fun. They allow you to safely explore areas where you otherwise may not go, and they are hosted in many fun places. When taking an airboat ride, you can observe wildlife and scenic beauty while having fun. Before you out on your adventure tour, consider these dos and don'ts of taking an airboat ride.

Do Wear Your Seatbelt At All Times

Most people don't associate seatbelts with boats, but these are important because airboats are often open to the air. Also, commercial airboats tend to go at speeds around 35 miles per hour. Make sure that any airboat you get in has a seatbelt available to you. It should also have a lifejacket and/or other floating devices ready for you to easily use in the event of an emergency. Put on your seatbelt as soon as you sit down on the boat. Don't take it off again until the ride is over.

Don't Stand Up in An Airboat Until You're Instructed To Do So

Most airboat tours will be pretty strict about the fact that you shouldn't stand up during the ride. As soon as you get on the boat, find your seat and stay there. If you have children that are coming along, be very clear to them that they must obey this rule, too.

Do Know About Its History

You can wow fellow passengers by learning fun facts about airboats before the trip. For example, the airboat was invented over a century ago. Famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell invented the first airboat in 1905, according to the National Museum of American History.

Don't Take Anything from the Water

Never try to take anything from the water. In fact, you should keep your hands inside the airboat at all times. Don't reach out into the water no matter how beautiful and inviting it may be. Also, don't grab for any plants that may be within reach. Otherwise, you might get injured. That also may even make the boat unsteady if you are reaching off the edge of a small boat and throwing it off balance. 

Do Ask for Special Accommodations If Needed

Many airboat tour operators are happy to cater to the needs of all guests. For example, if you are sensitive to loud noise, you may want to ask for earplugs when you board the boat. Many tour guides have those on hand. They may also accommodate seating requests and other things you need to feel more comfortable.

Finally, remember that airboats are typically used in shallow and marshy bodies of water where other boats would not be a good fit. Both airboat manufacturers and airboat tour companies are often small, family-owned businesses, and they tend to put a lot into ensuring that you have a fun, safe experience. Take the time to prepare for your ride, and you'll enrich the time you have.

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