Things To Know Before Flying Lessons

Have you ever dreamt that you were flying above the clouds? Have you ever wanted to make that dream a reality? Flying lessons are a great way to invest in a hobby that you will love. While they can be quite rigorous, there are several things you can do before your actual flying lessons to make sure things go smoothly.

Complete Ground School

There is so much more to flying than just the time spent in the air. In order to become a pilot, you must pass a test that encompasses the entire flight experience. Ground school is where you will learn all about the instruments you will be using, weather patterns, navigation, weight and balance, and decision-making. These skills are crucial in order to become a skilled pilot. Many people attempt to go through ground school while taking their flying lessons. This is ill-advised since it can make it more difficult to focus on either set of lessons. Learning to fly is often distracting from the underlying systems, which should be focused on first.

Get Medical Clearance

Before you are able to fly a plane, you must get medical clearance from your doctor. There are many medications and conditions that can make you ineligible to become a pilot. Study this list carefully to ensure that you are able. If you do have any medical conditions you will need to make sure that there is a Conditions AMEs Can Issue (CACI) worksheet for your specific disorder. Failure to do so will result in your inability to fly.

Begin with the End in Mind

There seems to always be a reason to put your flying lessons on hold. Before you begin, you should make a goal of when you want to become a pilot by, and then put in the time and effort to achieve your goal. Some people haphazardly go to flight school, and it always seems to take forever to finish. Sign up for flying lessons once you have the time to really dedicate yourself and get through it in a timely manner. This will help you to understand all of the material in a timely manner, forgetting nothing before you put it in practice. 

When you begin your flying lessons after having completed any or all of these steps beforehand, you are setting yourself up for success. Try to do as many steps as possible beforehand so that you can focus on the experience of flying, learning as much as you can in the process.

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