Why Fly Fishing In Slow Water Can Be A Good Idea

When you're evaluating different areas in which you intend to fly fish, there are several details that you'll need to assess. Of course, you need to determine how easy it is to reach the body of water, as well as the probability of fish being in this area. You'll also need to think about the speed at which the water is traveling. Different anglers enjoy different water speeds. There are some people who love the excitement and challenge that fast water provides, but don't feel as though this is your only option. There are a lot of advantages of fly fishing in slow water, too, including the following.

It's Easy To Get Your Footing

Fast water might be exciting, but it's not without its share of risks. One of the challenges of fast water is that the constant pressure against your feet, ankles, and legs has the potential to knock you over. Falling in such conditions can be dangerous, as you might hit your head on a rock or be unable to get back to your feet with ease. Slow water conditions, meanwhile, are much easier to walk through and easier to stand in while you fish.

Seeing Around You Is Easier

When water moves quickly, it's so full of bubbles that you may struggle to see into the water. This might not initially seem like a major concern, but it can be less than favorable if you're having a slow fishing day. Conversely, the clarity of slow water means that you can see into it — and this can allow you to see if there are any fish in the area. Sometimes, noticing fish passing through the area can be enough to encourage you to continue fishing, even if you haven't had any action so far.

You May Have More Chances

Fast water is best for experienced anglers. The high rate of speed of the water means that fish will move past you very quickly, and while it's possible for you to get lucky and catch something, this can be difficult. With slow water, the fish won't be moving past you nearly as quickly. This means that a particular fish might be within casting range for you for several seconds, which will dramatically increase your probability of having success. The more time that you spend fly fishing, the more that you may develop a passion for slow water conditions, given the above benefits.

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