What Are Your Options When Touring Martha's Vineyard?

If you want to see Martha's Vineyard in a way that allows you to catch all of its greatness without the stress of having to do all the research and traveling on your own, try a sightseeing tour. If you try touring the island on your own, you will miss out on the fun being in a group and the knowledge and expertise of your tour guide. Some tours will even allow you access into areas that are otherwise restricted.

Places to See:

There is so much to do on Martha's Vineyard that it can be difficult to squeeze it all into one visit. There are so many places to see, such as historical sites, scenic locations, and Cape Cod-style neighborhoods. In order to soak in as much of Martha's Vineyard's beauty as you can, check out one of the many great sightseeing tours that are available on the island. 

1. Beaches

Seeing as Martha's Vineyard is an island, there are many beaches for you to check out during your tour. Each beach is loved for different reasons. Some have great views but aren't necessarily good for swimming, while others are perfect for surfers to catch a big wave. 

2. Famous Landmarks

Martha's Vineyard is swarming with tourists for a reason. There are many famous landmarks on the island. From the lighthouses to cliffs to the Flying Horses Carousel, there are many sites worth seeing on Martha's Vineyard. Go through the brochures of a few different tour companies, and find the one that visits the places that excite you the most.  

Different Types of Tours:

You will have a few tour options to choose from on Martha's Vineyard. Choosing the best one will depend on your interests, personality, and physical capabilities.

1. Foot Tours

If you want to take in the sites without missing out on anything, a foot tour would be a great choice for you. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes and the correct clothing for whatever the weather forecast is that day. You will probably have to be in decent shape as well to keep up with the group.

2. Bicycle Tours

Similar to foot tours, bicycle tours are a great way to see Martha's Vineyard without going so fast that you miss out on important details. You get it all with the added fun of riding a bicycle in a beautiful place.

3. Bus Tours

Bus tours are a great way to get to more locations during your tour. You will be able to visit locations that are spread throughout the island, which might not be possible on a foot or bicycle tour. 

To learn more about Martha's Vinyard Sightseeing Tours, contact a travel agency in your area.

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